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New Pink Pills album – Concrete Heartbeat

Posted by Joe at 10:58 am

We are very excited to announce that the new album from Copyleft artist Pink Pills is now available for free download! The album is entitled Concrete Heartbeat, and can be downloaded from the Pink Pills artist page, Mininova, or Pink Pills website.

Here's a short description Ryan provided on his Myspace page concerning the new album:

"pink pills was for many years more of an idea than a reality. for years i collected instruments and studio equipment but it wasn't until about October 2009 i was finally ready to make it happen. i recorded a few songs at home and before i knew it i had enough material for an ep. past mirrors future pictures was self-released in late October '09 with the help of some friends, and in only a few months it had been downloaded well over 10,000 times via a well known torrent site on a word-of-mouth basis alone.

from early november '09 to late january '10 songs were coming to me from everywhere; I lost count of the number of times I was up all night writing new parts, afraid to go to sleep incase i lost the inspiration! over the course of about 3 weeks in december i was churning out a song every few days; and it was then the ideas for concrete heartbeat begun to materialize.

i wanted to focus on creating songs that would be coherent together - i wanted concrete heartbeat to have a beginning and an end, and to reflect many of the themes and issues and news stories that were rattling around in my brain as i was writing the music. obviously I wanted every song to really mean something, but more so, i wanted them to have some collective or binding themes when listened to together.

and i'm not sure if i've pulled it off. i've listened to every song now probably in excess of 1000 times as I've recorded, mixed and mastered them - the point being that i have long since lost any objective edge i might have had briefly in the early stages of recording.

so, it's up to you, world. here are 9 songs that have been my life for the last 4 months; i hope that in them you can find some meaning.

Ryan J. Gallagher.
Edinburgh. February, 2010."

If you enjoyed the first album from Pink Pills, definitely be sure to check out Concrete Heartbeat.


50,000 downloads at Mininova

Posted by Joe at 9:07 am

We have recently broken the 50,000 download milestone over at P2P website That means that all of our albums have been downloaded a cumulative total of over 50,000 times. We thought this was a pretty amazing feat, I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported our artists, as well as thank the artists themselves. You guys are great.

Be sure to keep checking back for updates from our artists, or follow us on Twitter, as our Twitter feed will give updates on our website, new releases, etc.


NEW ALBUM in the works

Posted by Ben Rellick at 2:37 pm

Hey! Sup?

I am right now in the process of recording another album, which will hopefully be done sometime in February. Here are videos of two new songs:

"Home" -
"Got Time" -

When recording my last cd, I wanted the tracks to be almost exclusively acoustic guitar and vocals; I didn't want to mess with bass, drums, keys - anything I couldn't replicate live.  I didn't want full band tracks on the cd and then leave myself only able to play a stripped down acoustic version live. But now I have all these ideas in my head that I really want to try out, so I don't really care if I can't pull it off live. I'd rather not trash all these ideas. You'll see what I'm talking about in a few weeks hopefully! I am super pumped about it, and I will be sure to post on here when I have a better idea of when it will be available.



Isaac Graham full set on Moshcam

Posted by Isaac Graham at 7:40 pm

Hey Friends,

An amazing group of people called Moshcam recently filmed my set at The Annandale Hotel supporting The Jezabels. The whole set is available to view online at the link below. Hope you enjoy!



Isaac Graham Sells His Soul To The Left

Posted by Isaac Graham at 7:15 am

Hey Friends,

My name is Isaac and I'm from Australia. My album 'Empty Vessels' is now available to download on Copyleft. If you download it I hope you enjoy it. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Joe and those involved at Copyleft for not only noticing my music on the other side of the planet but also distributing it with such fervour. To all the other artists involved in Copyleft, your music is killer. Thanks for sharing :)

So today I spent the day in my loungeroom recording with my good friend Sarah Drummond who features on the tracks 'Columbus' and 'This Old Town'. We decided to record a live acoustic version of The Pogues classic 'Fairytale Of New York' as a Christmas time thank you to everyone who has shown their support over the past year by coming to shows, downloading the album and passing on their nice words. It makes making music an absolute joy. You can listen to (or watch) the cover at the following locations. This is one of my absolute favourite tracks so I hope you enjoy it:


In other news, I'll be playing two killer shows in Brisbane (Australia, not the one near San Francisco) over the next weekend with some amazing local bands. Details below. If you're in the area (which might happen!) please come along, have a few beers and sing some Christmas carols with us. Should be an amazing couple of nights. Enjoy the festive season and best wishes.

Friday 18 December
Browning Street Studios [AA]
w/ Wheatpaste, Dead Riot (Unplugged) & The Pugs
Doors: 7:00pm | Tickets: $8
11 Browning Street, West End

Saturday 19 December
The Clubhouse [18+]
w/ Sherlocks Daughter, Dead Riot & Xmas Supergroup
Doors: 8:00pm | Tickets: FREE
Cnr. Brunswick & Ann, Fortitude Valley



Pirate Radio, a retrospective

Posted by Joe at 11:38 am

As a warning, there might be some spoilers in this post, if you haven't seen Pirate Radio yet and don't want anything ruined, don't read this.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -George Santayana

This post doesn't really have anything to do with the record label, I just figured I'd post it as food for thought. The other night I went and saw the movie "Pirate Radio" at my local movie theater. Although the movie was advertised as "based on true events", a quick check on wikipedia showed that the boat and its crew that the movie centered around was fictitious. However, the basis for the movie (boats anchored off the coast of Great Britain broadcasting music) is historically accurate.

The movie focuses on the boat Rock Radio, which is made up of a motley crew of radio DJ's, broadcasting rock 'n' roll 24/7 off the coast of Great Britain. Although it is illegal to make such broadcasts in Britain, technically they are not breaking any laws since they aren't stationed on land. Throughout the movie, the government keeps trying to find ways to shut the radio station down, despite the fact that what they are doing isn't illegal.

Halfway through the film, the British government manages to outlaw pirate radio so that any boat broadcasting rock 'n' roll will have its crew arrested. The captain of the boat informs the crew that their services will no longer be needed. After a short silence, each crew member/DJ stands in turn and announces how they refuse to stop what they are doing, and that their music is more important than their safety. Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character says something to the extent of "I intend to broadcast until the day I die...and then for a few days after that."

As I was watching the movie, I suddenly realized the similarities between what I was seeing onscreen and what was happening currently in the music industry with music piracy and the fall of The Pirate Bay. I'm not sure if the filmmakers meant for me to draw such a conclusion, but after I noticed it, it seemed painfully obvious to me. Like Rock Radio, the owners of The Pirate Bay were not technically doing anything illegal (their service really doesn't do anything more than Google does), but governments all over the world have been trying to bring them down forever. When they were finally arrested and brought down, did they quietly concede to the powers that be? No way! They fought tooth and nail in court. The owners of The Pirate Bay weren't doing it because they wanted to be millionaires or because they wanted to steal from artists. They were doing it because they believed it was right. I know that if I was alive when these events actually occurred, I would definitely have supported the radio pirates, just as I currently support the owners of The Pirate Bay 100% (as a note, this is just a personal statement, I can't speak for all the artists signed onto Copyleft Records).

I might be way off base here, but I just thought that the similarities were amusing. If you have seen the movie or plan to see it, go into the theater with this in mind, and let me know what you think.