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New Pink Pills music video: “Four Flashes”

Posted by Joe at 12:01 am

Our good friend Pink Pills is planning on releasing his new album Concrete Heartbeat on March 1st, and he has put together a music video for one of the songs on the album. The name of the song is Four Flashes, and the video was posted to his Myspace page several days ago.

pink pills - four flashes from pink pills on Vimeo.

I've been told by Ryan that he would like to distribute Concrete Heartbeat through Copyleft Records in addition to his own website. A news update will be posted once the album is available on our website.


Check it out: Free Bible Day

Posted by Joe at 10:05 am

This news update is a little late, but hey, better late than never! Our friend Byron (the man behind Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo) has recently started a new music project called Free Bible Day. Described as "Fantasy Folk-Punk", the group has set up a page over on, and are giving their three song EP away free of charge. If you are a fan of Buffalo^3, or just looking for something a little different, go check it out! (spoiler alert, it's pretty great.)

Free Bible Day at Bandcamp