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Isaac Graham covers “Jet Lag” by Frank Turner

Posted by Joe at 9:23 am

Since January of 2010, Isaac Graham has arranged and covered a new song every month, and this month he has chosen the song Jet Lag by Frank Turner.

If you are interested in checking out the rest of Isaac's cover videos, you can visit his Myspace page for a list of songs, or check out his Youtube profile for the videos.


Isaac Graham to be featured on upcoming vinyl single with Frank Turner

Posted by Joe at 3:06 pm

A while back, Isaac Graham entered a contest to compete for a spot on the B-side of the new Frank Turner single. I just found out from Isaac that he was one of the two entries that won! His song "Gold and Steel" will be featured on the B-side of Frank Turner's upcoming 7" Try This At Home. I want to personally congratulate Isaac, and as soon as the single is released, I'll put up a purchase link (obviously since it is Frank Turner's record we won't be getting money from it, but Isaac deserves all the recognition he can get). Here's a link to the entry in Frank's blog where he announced the winners.


New demo song from Isaac Graham

Posted by Joe at 10:48 pm

Isaac Graham, our dear friend from Down Under has posted a new demo song titled "Nomads" to his myspace player. If you are interested in the lyrics, Isaac has posted those on his myspace blog. Enjoy it!