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New Album: (CLR021) Dan Dectis – Parliament of Owls

Posted by Joe at 9:31 pm

Hello again, everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. We've decided to kick the new year off the right way with the return of Copyleft veteran Dan Dectis. Dan's new album, Parliament of Owls carries a similar vibe to his debut release Deeply Superficial. An eclectic blend of several different genres, It's another strong album from Dan and a great way to start 2011 for us. Give it a listen and download it, as always, for free from the artist page.


New Albums: (CLR019) Underscore Adia, (CLR020) Dresden

Posted by Joe at 11:18 pm

We're pleased to announce the addition of two talented bands to the Copyleft roster. We have new releases from Underscore Adia and Dresden, and both of them are self-titled albums. Feel free to check them out in all the usual flavors over on their artist pages (for Underscore Adia, click here, and for Dresden click here).


New Album: (CLR018) David White: A Cautionary Tale

Posted by Joe at 8:43 pm

A Cautionary Tale is the debut solo album from David White, the frontman of another Copyleft Records group, Shoulder of Orion. If you're a fan of classic synth-rock/pop in the same vein as David Bowie and The Cure, you'll definitely want to give this album a listen! Head on over to David's artist page to download the album in the usual formats.


New Album: (CLR017) Ben Rellick – To Carve From Futures

Posted by Joe at 9:24 am

Today we introduce the second album from singer-songwriter Ben Rellick. The name of the album is To Carve From Futures, and like all of our releases, is available for free download in FLAC or V0 MP3 formats. You can download the album directly from Ben's artist page, or from the bittorrent site You can also stream the album or purchase it from Ben's Bandcamp page.

We still have several albums waiting to release over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


New album: CLR016 – Shoulder of Orion

Posted by Joe at 9:33 am

Hello again friends, it's been a while since we've had any new music, but this new album should more than make up for it.  Today we're proud to introduce the newest band to the Copyleft Records family, Shoulder of Orion.  This progressive metal band from the UK was generous enough to allow us to share their amazing music with the masses, so for the love of Pete, go listen to it!  Just like the rest of our music, you can stream it on the "MP3 Streaming" page here, and you can also download it from here directly or from the bittorrent site (all download links are listed in the artist profile).

We've got several other new albums ready to release as well over the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on the site, or if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter or Facebook for any and all future updates.


Two new albums in a day??!!?!?!

Posted by Joe at 12:29 pm

Today we have not one, but two new releases available! Our first album comes from the San Francisco based rock group Greedy Eyes. Their EP is entitled Poetic Poverty, go check it out on our streaming page, or download it on their artist page.

The second album comes from the multi-talented Dan Dectis, and is entitled Deeply Superficial. Dan plays all of the instruments on the album, and recently gained a cult following of listeners on Reddit. Deeply Superficial is the perfect blend of ambient, jazz, and singer-songwriter rock, so go listen to it right now!


New Pink Pills album – Concrete Heartbeat

Posted by Joe at 10:58 am

We are very excited to announce that the new album from Copyleft artist Pink Pills is now available for free download! The album is entitled Concrete Heartbeat, and can be downloaded from the Pink Pills artist page, Mininova, or Pink Pills website.

Here's a short description Ryan provided on his Myspace page concerning the new album:

"pink pills was for many years more of an idea than a reality. for years i collected instruments and studio equipment but it wasn't until about October 2009 i was finally ready to make it happen. i recorded a few songs at home and before i knew it i had enough material for an ep. past mirrors future pictures was self-released in late October '09 with the help of some friends, and in only a few months it had been downloaded well over 10,000 times via a well known torrent site on a word-of-mouth basis alone.

from early november '09 to late january '10 songs were coming to me from everywhere; I lost count of the number of times I was up all night writing new parts, afraid to go to sleep incase i lost the inspiration! over the course of about 3 weeks in december i was churning out a song every few days; and it was then the ideas for concrete heartbeat begun to materialize.

i wanted to focus on creating songs that would be coherent together - i wanted concrete heartbeat to have a beginning and an end, and to reflect many of the themes and issues and news stories that were rattling around in my brain as i was writing the music. obviously I wanted every song to really mean something, but more so, i wanted them to have some collective or binding themes when listened to together.

and i'm not sure if i've pulled it off. i've listened to every song now probably in excess of 1000 times as I've recorded, mixed and mastered them - the point being that i have long since lost any objective edge i might have had briefly in the early stages of recording.

so, it's up to you, world. here are 9 songs that have been my life for the last 4 months; i hope that in them you can find some meaning.

Ryan J. Gallagher.
Edinburgh. February, 2010."

If you enjoyed the first album from Pink Pills, definitely be sure to check out Concrete Heartbeat.


New Copyleft album: All Heroes – Bite the Bullet

Posted by Joe at 11:44 pm

Hello friends! I'm excited to present the newest addition to our album library: Bite the Bullet from Copyleft veterans All Heroes. Although we are releasing this album after Chronos, Bite the Bullet was actually recorded before Chronos, back in 2005. The guys in All Heroes recently decided to give away their debut album for anyone who enjoyed listening to Chronos. You can find it on the All Heroes artist page, or if you'd rather stream it, check out our MP3 Streaming page.


New Copyleft artist: The Mango Garden

Posted by Joe at 11:43 pm

Copyleft Records is happy to announce that The Mango Garden has decided to distribute their music through us. Their debut album "See You Soon" is available on their artist page, and you can stream it on the MP3 Streaming page as well.


Welcome aboard, Ben Rellick!

Posted by Joe at 10:01 pm

We have the newest Copyleft Records release up and running from newcomer Ben Rellick, and now you can download it for free.

Travels is the debut album by singer-songwriter Ben Rellicks. After several years of performing as a member of Skwal, he decided to pursue a solo career, utilizing his interest in the acoustic guitar. Every track on this album, as you'd expect from the name, deals with the theme of traveling, expressing it using classic rock & roll with a splash of reggae, as well as a hint of pop-punk. It's a great album, I highly suggest everyone download it. Even if you don't like it, hey, it's free! Maybe one of your friends might get a kick out of it, so be sure to pass it along to them, burn them a CD, do whatever. As of this posting, we don't have the donate link set up for Mr. Rellick, but that should hopefully be available early next week.

Even though we are releasing Travels right now, stay tuned, because there are several other artists in the pipeline who will hopefully be ready to distribute their music in the next week or two. Good stuff coming!