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New Pink Pills album – Concrete Heartbeat

Posted by Joe at 10:58 am

We are very excited to announce that the new album from Copyleft artist Pink Pills is now available for free download! The album is entitled Concrete Heartbeat, and can be downloaded from the Pink Pills artist page, Mininova, or Pink Pills website.

Here's a short description Ryan provided on his Myspace page concerning the new album:

"pink pills was for many years more of an idea than a reality. for years i collected instruments and studio equipment but it wasn't until about October 2009 i was finally ready to make it happen. i recorded a few songs at home and before i knew it i had enough material for an ep. past mirrors future pictures was self-released in late October '09 with the help of some friends, and in only a few months it had been downloaded well over 10,000 times via a well known torrent site on a word-of-mouth basis alone.

from early november '09 to late january '10 songs were coming to me from everywhere; I lost count of the number of times I was up all night writing new parts, afraid to go to sleep incase i lost the inspiration! over the course of about 3 weeks in december i was churning out a song every few days; and it was then the ideas for concrete heartbeat begun to materialize.

i wanted to focus on creating songs that would be coherent together - i wanted concrete heartbeat to have a beginning and an end, and to reflect many of the themes and issues and news stories that were rattling around in my brain as i was writing the music. obviously I wanted every song to really mean something, but more so, i wanted them to have some collective or binding themes when listened to together.

and i'm not sure if i've pulled it off. i've listened to every song now probably in excess of 1000 times as I've recorded, mixed and mastered them - the point being that i have long since lost any objective edge i might have had briefly in the early stages of recording.

so, it's up to you, world. here are 9 songs that have been my life for the last 4 months; i hope that in them you can find some meaning.

Ryan J. Gallagher.
Edinburgh. February, 2010."

If you enjoyed the first album from Pink Pills, definitely be sure to check out Concrete Heartbeat.


New Pink Pills music video: “Four Flashes”

Posted by Joe at 12:01 am

Our good friend Pink Pills is planning on releasing his new album Concrete Heartbeat on March 1st, and he has put together a music video for one of the songs on the album. The name of the song is Four Flashes, and the video was posted to his Myspace page several days ago.

pink pills - four flashes from pink pills on Vimeo.

I've been told by Ryan that he would like to distribute Concrete Heartbeat through Copyleft Records in addition to his own website. A news update will be posted once the album is available on our website.


New merch and website from Pink Pills

Posted by Joe at 1:14 pm

Our friend Pink Pills has added an update to his Myspace page concerning his new website and the addition of merchandise:

"ok, so first things first - i got a small batch of some very lovely t shirts made up...i've got all sizes (s/m/l/xl). you can go to get one for only 7.50 (UK) and 8.50 (the rest of the world) and that price includes p&p. bargain!

which brings me on to the second thing! i've botched together a basic website (see above address). there's nothing really on it just now, but i'll be adding to it when i get some more time...i've got 1 new song finished, and a cover recorded; so hopefully it won't be long until i've got another collection of songs to give to the world.

a few other awesome things will be happening over the coming days and weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled!"

So keep your eyes peeled for new material from pink pills, and buy a T-shirt from him!


A few new artist announcements

Posted by Joe at 11:04 am

It was just brought to my attention that I never announced the arrival of our friend Pink Pills to Copyleft Records. Pink Pills is based out of Edinburgh, Scotland and has quite a unique, groovy sound. If you haven't already, go stream his album or download it from his artist page.

I'd also like to announce the addition of punk/ska act, The Sams Hardcore Orchestra. These guys are located in Sorocaba, São Paulo Brazil and are really excited to join the Copyleft family. Their sound is reminiscent of such punk acts as NOFX and The Offspring, as well as ska acts like Streetlight Manifesto. Unfortunately, the only format available for their EP is mp3, although they have told me that they plan on recording their new full-length within the next few months, and I mentioned to them that they should get a lossless version of it as well as mp3.

One final note I'd like to make, it has been brought to my attention that there might be some websites out there charging for our artists' music. Keep in mind that any music released through Copyleft Records is free of charge, so unless you are donating to the artist or purchasing DIRECTLY from the artists themselves, do not pay for their music! The artists are not receiving any sort of compensation from these sites.