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The Sams Hardcore Orchestra starts recording!

Posted by Sams Hardcore Orchestra at 1:24 pm

Ok, we're not good at dates, and I feel embarassed since my last news posted here says "we're in studio next month" and it was like, 6 months ago or so. But as long as we were facing internal line-up problems (we've changed drummers 3 times in 2 months) we were also composing and working our asses off to get money, searching for the best studios and trying to build everything perfect for this new record.

So, this time, we're really getting in studio to start the pre-production of our new album so far called "Versus Machina", we'll try to keep you guys updated about what we're doing. We plan to release the album sometime BEFORE JULY. That's a fact.

I can say a few things about the new album (if you promise not to tell to any of my bandmates I told you this).

I'll start based on the information that the only thing you've ever heard by us is the EP "Our Older Songs Sucked" available for download & streaming here. This EP was composed between the years 2005 - 2008/early 2009, wich means that pretty much all the songs in it were composed when we were 15 to 17 years old. I, particularly, love how it sounds, heavily nofx-influenced and with a lot of effort but lack of technique of our horn players.

We have always been a band that plays in a regular basis, we have a pretty good fanbase, most of our shows are crowded and sometimes this can generate a weird feeling, the feeling that we don't need to record as often as other bands record (in Brazil at least) for people to notice we're changing, it's weird how our songs are sang even without any (official) recorded version at shows. Ok, my bad-written english may be making of this post a confuse bunch of excuses, so I'll make myself clear:

What I'm trying to avoid here is a feeling of disappointment that we've experienced with others bands in similar situations to ours, we're working really hard on this album, and this could means that it may not sound as "punk" "ska" or "hardcore" as you would expect,  but definitely doesn't mean that it's not good or true,  we're changing, so is our music.

We're recording it "live", all the instruments playing simultaneously with the voices being add later. I think this is going to make the record sounds a lot more "natural" or "organic" than our previous recordings. We're also opening space for improvisational parts inside the song (the famous or infamous "trips"),  since we're feeling more comfortable with our instruments, all the songs will sound unique every time we play it. You can also expect a little bit more of "world music" influence, specially Brazilian kinds of music and also experimental stuff from all around the globe, and a bunch of (so called) peculiar instruments generally used to play specific places' folkloric songs.

In the end, we're only composing, playing and recording what we love, and we expect you to love this album as much as we're loving making it.   Keep your ears and mind open and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Sorry for my english mistakes, this is not my first language, but I hope the message is transmitted.

Any guys on copyleft or anybody with powers to do it, feel free to edit this post to correct any grammar mistake and lexical murder I've committed.

Thanks for the downloads and for the support we've always received from you guys, and you can always count on us.

Pedro - The Sams Hardcore Orchestra