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The Sams Hardcore Orchestra in studio next month/year

Posted by Sams Hardcore Orchestra at 1:04 pm

Soooooo, hello you all, I don't know if I'm posting this on the right area of the site, I'm totally lost, and my english is not really good, so please forgive me for writing like a six year old.

The thing is: next month (ok, not exactly next month, but January) we'll be getting in studio to record our first album, featuring (around) 15 songs, we have no idea of the name or the art or anything, but as soon as we get things done we'll put'em up for whoever cares, and with the new album comes a new tour, this year we played almost every weekend and we intend to expand our tour to all latin america at first, and with a little bit of luck and a considerable amount of money and help, to non-latin north-american countries later.

that's all for now, thanks Joe and all the good and true artists here in copyleft!