Copyleft Records


Posted by Derek at 8:56 am

Apologies for the extended downtime. The domain was transferred to a new host and the timing was off which resulted in the parked page for a couple days.

Rest assured we are still here.

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New Facebook Page

Posted by Joe at 11:11 pm

For anyone who didn't get the message I sent through our existing Facebook page, Copyleft Records now has a brand new Facebook page (listed as a "musician" rather than a business), so we are now able to list band names and upload tracks from each artist. You can visit it by clicking on the link listed in the Links section at the top of the page. Go check it out and "like" it while you're there, so we'll think that we actually have friends and followers!

On an unrelated note, today is the one-year anniversary of the purchase of the domain name Happy first birthday to us!


Streaming Player Updated

Posted by Derek at 12:50 pm

The streaming MP3 player has been updated to include all newly released albums, including the ones from our new artists.


Comments are now working

Posted by Derek at 3:48 pm

Joe brought it to my attention that there was an issue with posting comments. I have fixed the problem so everyone is now able to make comments on posts.

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Album Streaming

Posted by Derek at 9:51 am

We now have our entire catalog available to stream. Just visit the MP3 Streaming page and stream using the MP3 player. You can also download individual MP3s using the player. As new albums get released they will be added to the MP3 player.

You must have flash installed.


Pardon the mess

Posted by Derek at 8:59 pm

We are working hard to get everything tip top. If you find a glitch in the matrix site please don't hesitate to let us know.